Sunday, April 23, 2006


My name...Anna Maria Del Vecchio
Age...Thanks for asking.
Childhood ambition... To never look back
Soundtrack... Ricky Martin, New Order, Pink, anything NPR...
Retreat... Venice in the fall or Rome in spring.
Wildest dream... For one day, just to be a small Beagle
Proudest moment... My Nobel Prize....Thank you again, I was so touched and surprised.
Biggest challenge... To always stay loyal to my simple upbringing.
Alarm clock... My gold Cartier watch with pink leather band.
Perfect day... I have many perfect days; spending time with Papa and Babbo or laying in the sun on a warm spring day, maybe spending time with the girls out shopping or even the many hours of community service I do each year.
First job... Thanks for asking.
Indulgence... Cheese of the month club and a bottle of White Zinfandel....NOT!!
Last purchase... Prada shoes. They are just sinfully gorgeous!
Favorite movie... Breakfast at Tiffany's
Inspiration... Hello Kitty
My life... Shopping with the girls at Nordstrom, a light lunch, and then several rounds of Manhattans.
My card... Platinum, Platinum, Platinum...

Questions are on loan from My Spin On Things


Blogger Brad said...

Anna sounds FAH-bulous. Am I guessing correctly by assuming that she is your step-daughter?

Keep me informed with the babies. I for one am loving it!

(I still wanna meet the baby kitty.)

12:23 AM  
Blogger Brad said...

I'm still looking for a kitty-cat profile! (You know I have two of them as well.)

10:00 PM  

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