Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Pretend

Today I'm pretending that it is a warm late spring/early summer morning and I am working in my old vegetable garden.

Yes it is true that I still own the garden property in the country, but I do spend most of my time in the city. I have been busy with the city garden, last year I did a major overhaul to the front yard, and this year I will be adding the final touches. Also, this year I will begin the shade garden on the side on the house.

Last year we had a great crop of tomatoes, peppers, and basil that I grew in pots in the back yard. I'll be doing that and maybe more this year. Tonight I planted some lettuce seedlings in pots that will sit at the base of the front porch.

I spend a lot of time just looking out the front window over looking the front yard. Each day something new is beginning to come up and I am just amazed at other plants that have double in size just over night. But I really miss looking over my old vegetable from a second floor window.

I became a Master Gardener in 1998 and since 1999 I have taught "Vegetable Gardening" at Master Gardener School. Last Tuesday, I think I might have taught my last class. Why? 1.) Well I have really been letting my volunteer hours slip to the bare minimum, 2.) The program coordinator who started the program is retiring this year, 3.) I don't know most of the people currently in the program, 4.) All the activities are at least a 30-minute drive away, 5.) I'm just lazy. I just don't know....

Here's an image from my PowerPoint presentation from MG School. It is an example of 'interplanting' i.e. planting two different crops that mature at different time within the same space. Here we have lettuce and broccoli.


Blogger Brad said...

What a talent! I've never known a master gardener before.

11:18 PM  
Blogger JuliaR said...

You left a comment on someone’s blog that I read regularly - but I forget which one. Too many blogs, too little time. I really liked the second photo of your garden but I was most attracted to your blog because of the name. Our buddha Uma passed away last summer but now we are raising Rockwell to be a guide dog so there is still a yellow dog in our lives - for now. And I too, like doing the laundry.

12:15 PM  

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