Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday at the Zoo

Today we went to Saturn Day at the Columbus Zoo. We don't own Saturns, but friends do and so we tagged along. When we arrived in the 'party' area, there were two lines, one to see Jack Hannah and the other for hot dogs. Sorry Jack, maybe next year.

Gumby shared a drink with a new friend. Gumby named him Arnold.

It being a late summer day most of the animals were sleeping.

Not dead, just sleeping.

Gumby loves Goats and would really like one. Oddly most of the goats were smaller than our dog Radley (the original yellow dog).

Oh and we saw the gorillas too.

It was a great day. The weather was perfect and we both got a bit too much sun. It was just a great way to spend a day relaxing and being with the one you love.


Blogger RIC said...

Very nice photos, Pokey!
(Sorry, but I won't call you ┬źdog┬╗, though I have nothing against dogs either.)
The ones of the animals reminded me of long gone times, when I used to go to Lisbon Zoo with my mother. It was always a great day for me...
Thank you! And excuse if I ever did something wrong...

10:59 PM  

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