Sunday, September 03, 2006


I went back to Oodles for lunch today. I had Pot Stickers and the Hot and Sour soup. I thought a lite lunch was in order, since I grazed my way through the fridge last night.

Gumby and I got an invitation to a VIP grand opening party at the newest Buffalo Wild Wings here in Columbus. It's located in the newly renovated Graceland Shopping Center. (Sorry no Elvis sightings). The party was last night and with Gumby out of town I thought that I wouldn't go. But then I remembered how we Gumby begged for an invite. It's no secret that on most Friday nights we walk down to the BDUBs on campus and consume some chicken product and Guinness. Amiee was our most favorite manager at the campus store, but she was promoted and was transferred to the new Graceland location. She sent us the invitation. The invitations had set times for you to arrive so that the kitchen could get really slammed. The food and service were both great. Oh and the food was free!!! and the Guinness was only a buck. I set at the bar and played trivia (Badly). So about 45 minutes after getting there, people were really slamming their dollar drinks down. Amiee walked by me once and said, "Oh, this is going to get SO ugly”. The last I saw of her, she was dashing across the dinning room with three people from corporate chasing her.

I left after an hour. It was boring without Gumby. We will start working on getting and invitation to the new BDUBs that will be opening here on campus in February. It will be two blocks closer to our house. They will be tearing down the original campus location (which was the first location nationwide). Let me tell you, the building needs to go. This whole summer the bar area has smelled like a pond. I keep looking for frogs.


Blogger Jeph said...

We've got a BW3 here in Kent - used to LOOOOVE going there, but the service just isn't as great as it used to be, and after awhile the smoke really gets to you. And as much as I LOOOOVE their food, it's kinda pricey compared to some of our other off-campus lunch eating choices.

Still, I loves me some great BW3's wings - and their black and bleu burger rocks as well! YUM!

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