Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday in the Park with George Gumby

This afternoon, Gumby and I went downtown to The Topiary Garden in Old Deaf School Park for a walk around the park in a "light" rain. This was the first time I have actually been in the garden inspired by the pointillist painting A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by George Seurat.

We got caught in a nice rain, but we were able to hang out and stay mostly dry under some trees. Then some thunder and cuteness across the park made us decide to move on. This is a great park and is loved by many of the homeless and panhandlers of Columbus (enjoy the park and just walk on by the others).

Here's a few other photos from the weekend.

Is this a Republican bench for rent or a Republican for rent? Oh wait I know. This bench is a re-election advertisement for Deborah Pryce, i.e. the Political Whore.

This is my ornamental banana that I have had for several years. I all but killed it this past winter, but as you can see, it is doing fine now.

My front yard 'water garden'. Don't fall in!

I just love a red hot poker.

Here in the University District we also grow beer.

Dog Hair


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