Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I took today off and didn't realize it was a holiday

Happy Bread Day!

I took a vacation day today to use up days that I will not be able to carry over to next year. I had planned on making bread today not actually knowing that today was BD. But anyway, last night I made am Italian bread starter called a Biga. So today I made two loaves of Ciabatta using the recipe from Daniel Leader's book Local Breads. The dough for this bread is very loose and hard to deal with and I have tried to make it many times before. But today was the first time I followed the recipe and directions of Dan Leader. Well as the photo above shows tonight I actually made Ciabatta! The loaves almost look as good as they taste.

Today I started (thanks to Local Breads) a French sourdough starter. Hopefully I will be able to post of the results late next week.


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