Thursday, March 29, 2007

What I'm Listening To

I got tagged by Gumby. Peer pressure tells me that I need to name 7 songs/CDs I've listened to recently and say something about them.

1.) Rudebox by Robbie Williams from the album Rudebox. I like his voice and his body. Enough said.

2.) Trapeze by Patty Griffin (with Emmylou Harris) from the album Children Running Through. Patty Griffin is a great song writer. Each song tells a story. Also I worship Emmylou. I have over 25 hours of her music in my iTunes. Some people love Cher, for me, it's Emmylou.

3.) Are You Alright? by Lucinda Williams from the album West. This is Lucinda's latest album and the fifth one this I have bought. Here again is another great song writer. Lucinda kicks butt!

4.) Take A Bow by Muse from the album Black Holes & Revelations The beginning of this song sounds just like a Philip Glass composition. AND yes, I one of those freaks that appreciates Philip Glass' work.

4.1) Starlight by Muse from the album Black Holes & Revelations Yes Muse again, but I checked my iTunes to see what I have been listening to the most over the past few weeks. I often play this song really loud at work with my door closed

5.) Cadillac Car from the Dreamgirls movie soundtrack. This song has been stuck in my head for the last week.

5.1) And I need to add what I'm playing right now And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going from the Dreamgirls movie soundtrack. I play this so often that I'm surprised the dogs haven't started to sing along. I can just see Scout look up to me and belt out "...You're gonna love me..."

6.) Bones by the Killers from the album Sam's Town Another work place favorite. I think this song sounds the best via my iPod headphones they help you really enjoy the horns in the background.

7.) Victor by Blondie from the album Eat to the Beat This album was released when I was in High School (please don't do the math) and honestly I listened to it almost every night. I downloaded the album from iTunes last year and even though I hadn't heard the album in more that 15+ years, I still had all the song lyrics memorized. What the hell I'm adding the whole album to this list.


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