Thursday, March 22, 2007


Tonight Gumby was at rehearsal for Greater Tuna. For dinner he invited me to join him at Whole Foods for a quick dinner and of course cheese samples. But I was in such a bad mood and the weather sucked I was afraid that I would use my car as a weapon against some Dubliner-Lexus-SUV-driver-on-her-cell-phone-bitch that it might be best if I just stayed home.

I'm in a car pool for work and today I didn't drive. Tonight, As usual we discussed our dinner menus. My driver wanted a Chinese buffet with a full bar. I wasn't in the mood for Chinese. At first I thought I could eat beef (Gumby not home = beef consumption), but as usual the house is stock with mega chicken and no beef AND I'm not getting into the car to go the the store. SO it's Chicken tonight!! When I went to the freezer to pull out the chicken I spotted a bag of Chicken & Vegetable Dumplings. We get these at The Sunflower Market located at the OSU South Gateway. They are tasty and lighter than a traditional dumpling, but really they do need some pork fat in them.

So dinner consisted of Chicken and Asparagus stir fry with Chicken & Vegetable Dumplings. The photo shows 2 dumplings. I ate 5.

Yes, I'm a dumpling whore as well as a cheese whore.

(and yes, that is a dog hair on the table just below the chop sticks)


Blogger Brad said...

A sans-Gumby night without a beefapalooza? Surely not! You will be dreaming of a perfectly grilled porterhouse whilst eating chicken breast tomorrow!

12:08 AM  

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