Saturday, February 24, 2007

Goodbye "Hot and Juicy" #1

In 1969 Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy's restaurant in downtown Columbus. Yesterday, Wendy's announced that next Friday this location will be closing. Today for lunch Gumby and I went down and both had the double combo with cheese and everything. I even got fries.

We did have to wait in line 45 minutes to place our order. They seemed to be caught off guard by the large Saturday lunch crowd. This location has the original 1970's decor and also serves as a museum for various Wendy's and Dave Thomas' artifact.

This store has about 6 parking spaces and no drive-thru. The only other time I have eaten at this location was in 1978 when I was in town for a High Pre-School trip to Columbus.

In the last photo you would think that the place was empty. No, not true. People were still waiting in line.


Blogger Lorence said...

I was there, too, early afternoon Saturday. I thought my son should go at least once before they closed it. We had a pretty good time. sad, but good. - I posted about it, too (

10:58 PM  

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