Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Surprise

So finally winter has decided to appear in Central Ohio. We awoke to snow falling this morning and ended up with about 3.5 inches. I heard on the news tonight that we are 10 inches below normal. Any way, I liked it. I had the window blinds open all day just because everything look so nice. I have two bird feeders in the yard and I put out seed twice today. I looked out to the backyard at about 4:30 and saw 2 if not 3 dozen Red Cardinals. The pups wanted to go out but I didn't want to disturb the birds, so the dogs just had to wait.

I was a theatre widow today. Gumby was at the theatre preparing for his play, which opens this Friday. Today, I was Donna Reed.

253 loads of laundry.
scream at the dogs 379 times. (Donna Reed would never do that. Or would she?)
clear the snow off my car and sidewalks.
make rosemary - garlic focaccia.

plan the dinner menus for the week. (must be quick this week)
sunday: pork from the freezer with pasta...ala pork scallopini and linguine Aglio e Olio, foccaccia on the side.
monday: something beefy-stewy like
tueday: pork and foccaccia sandwiches
wednesday: garlic shrimp with linguine
thursday: choice of leftovers from the week.

Off to the store!

The pork scallopini with linguine was tasty (a combination of recipes via Giada De Laurentiis and Lidia Bastianich). Only problem is that I forgot to serve the foccaccia...that will wait until tomorrow.

I have on the stove a combination beef stew/mushroom barley soup. It looks and smells great and will be a quick delectable dinner for a cold Monday night.

I needed to clean out the refrigerator of all the leftover holiday baking ingredients, so tonight I made Pecan Chocolate-Chip Cookies.

Work is no longer occupying all of my mental space. I'm coming back to reality by cooking. Cooking and working in the kitchen is great therapy. When I cook, I am in charge and in most cases things go the way I want them. If not, then I learn something new.

I will be back to blogging now. The sabbatical is over! With that said, I'm now working backstage at Gumby's show, so this week is going to be busy!


Blogger Brad said...

Yay! (Shouting from the rooftops.) POKEY IS BACK Y'ALL! Woohoo!

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