Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Americans are killing themselves with processed foods and this food item is just gross.

Yes it's the new 'Corner Bistro' panini brought to us by the good folks at Stouffer's. This is their take on the traditional Italian sandwich which would usually consist of a slice of cheese, a slice of prosciutto put in between a small focaccia-ish type of bread. I have never seen panini grilled in Italy, but it seems to be popular here in the U.S. Well through revolutionary technology, the Stouffer's 'Corner Bistro' panini is grilled in the MICROWAVE. Bread heated in the microwave turns into a rock, it's frightening to think what they have added to keep the bread edible after it is nuked.
So what comes on the Panini? Well you have your choice of four authentic Italian combinations...NOT!
Grilled Chicken Italian Panini
Smoked Turkey Club Panini
Philly-Style Steak & Cheese Panini (Vomit)
Southwest-Style Chicken Panini (Is this from Sicily?)
All I can say is just YUM!


Blogger Brad said...

Yes, I'll have the authentic grilled philly cheese-steak panini.

Just like my Italian grandmother used to make.

10:17 AM  
Blogger tornwordo said...

You made me laugh with your "vomit" comment;.

2:17 PM  

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