Wednesday, September 05, 2007

OCTA Moments

Is she really that big or is the tricycle really that small?

Meal number 3 from Corky And Lennys - Corn Beef and Potato Latka sandwich!

Trygve and Michael sharing a special quiet moment.

Plus John

Too much touching???

Late night charades.

Nathan and Kim backstage before the excerpt on Sunday.

Triia and Jennifer at the Banquet.

Michael and Kate at the Banquet.

The HERBED Chicken at dinner was interesting.

Michael and Nathan at the masquerade ball.

The Masquerade Ball

Late night snack time.

Stright wedding party meets OCTA. Wedding party boys with pants around the ankles or maybe jusy laying face own on the carpet.

Brunch is done and now time to go home.


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