Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Yellow Dog Story Part I

My partner (Gumby) and I joined households three years ago. I brought to his house, cookware and two funny extra-large Labs. They are Scout, our current queen of the house, she has a black coat and will turn ten next month and Radley, who is “The Yellow Dog”, a huge six-year-old "Zen Dog". The three of us were "welcomed" by two beagles: Anna (The Princess), age [redacted], and Tyler (the insane one), age 1-15?, a cat (Newton) age 13+...and of course my Gumby, age [redacted]. And then there’s me… I’m 23, 6’3, black hair, blue eyes, swimmer’s build, you know the rest….


Blogger Gumby said...

If you're 23, then I'm 17.

10:35 AM  

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